Little Greene Little Book of Colour

Little Greene Little Book of Colour


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This new colour tool from Little Greene allows you to have a more hands-on approach to interior design; Colour consultancy in your pocket!

Whether you are choosing the right colour for your ceiling or designing and selecting a fully comprehensive and harmonious scheme for your home, The Little Book of Colour is there to guide you through. With ‘related whites’ and ‘related neutrals’ for those wanting to achieve a calm and harmonious interior, the key pigments and raw ingredients are identified and the colours with common pigmentations are suggested, creating combinations which are scientifically guaranteed to work. ‘Coordinating colours’ of tonally related colours are shown suggesting how to give a room depth without being overpowering; and for those who want to be a little bolder, The Little Book of Colour suggests ‘contrasting accents’ and ‘related dark’ hues for adding highlights and creating impact and drama.

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