Craig & Rose Paint

    Craig & Rose is one of the oldest and most established luxury interior paint makers in the UK, dating back to 1829. Their 1829 Vintage colour collection has been created with quality, simplicity and beautiful homes in mind. If you’re looking for a paint finish that’s rich in colour and depth, then the Craig & Rose collection is for you. The luxury interior paint brand is recognised for its highly pigmented chalky emulsion, an intense matt finish and fabulous denseness levels for great wall coverage.
    Their paint collection not only consists of beautiful, bold colours, but it’s easy to apply and maintain too. The palette of colours available means you’ll find the perfect shade of paint for your walls.
    We always recommended you try out the colour at home before you make the final decision we have both colour charts and sample pots available so you can make the perfect choice!
    113 products

    113 products