Midi Fox Wallpaper Is Here!

Midi Fox is the newest addition to everyone's best-loved Fox family. Scion's iconic signature wallpaper is now available in a mid-scale, which is great news if you're looking to paper an 'in between' scheme with a classic Fox print in a scale that's not too big, not too small; in between the larger scale of Mr Fox and the smaller Little Fox. Not only is it ideal as an all four walls paper, it's been designed with feature walls in mind too.

Launched today here at Chapel Interiors, Midi Fox comes in four contemporary colourways. There's the muted and ever-versatile Shadow, to the happy pop of colour that is Milkshake / Rose, to inky Pebble / Denim to the warmth of Raffia / Chai.

Scion Midi Fox Wallpaper on Wall

Midi Fox Wallpaper Pebble / Denim

Midi Fox Wallpaper Shadow

Midi Fox Wallpaper in Shadow

Midi Fox Wallpaper All Colours

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