Complimentary Colour Consultancy at Chapel Interiors

Chapel Interiors Color Consultant Amy Green
We are excited to announce we are working with the very talented, colour consultant, Amy Green.  Amy will be offering complimentary 30 minute colour consultancy appointments in our Wilmslow store.
Amy is here to offer that extra helping hand in creating your perfect home whether you are planning a complete makeover, seasonal refresh or just looking for a little advice, she will make the process of transforming your home relaxing and enjoyable.
We recently had a little chat with Amy to find out a little more about what inspires her and what you can expect from a colour consultancy service at Chapel Interiors.


What made you become a Colour Consultant?
From being very young I've always had a strong passion for interiors. My mum always always had (and still has) a great eye and our weekly trips to 'The Stencil Shop' allowed us some much-appreciated bonding time.
Whilst working for a premium brand I discovered the psychology of colour which blew my mind. The way colour can change the way you feel, the way you think and the way you behave is something that I find truly fascinating and something I try to integrate into every Colour Consultancy.


What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant? 
I love the whole journey - from the initial meeting with the client right through to seeing the finished product.
It's so wonderful to get an insight into someone's life, establish their wants/needs and work with their vision to create their dream space.


What can customers expect from a Colour Consultancy appointment at Chapel Interiors? 
The 30-minute appointments are great for creating a colour palette for one room or an initial meeting for a larger project.
We will use the time to establish the clients wants, discuss likes/dislikes and create a colour palette using the brands in store. The more information we have the better so feel free to bring along images of your space, images of what you would like to achieve, floor plans, flooring samples... the list is endless. The more information the better.
Should you want to continue your Colour Consultancy journey into other rooms we also offer in home or in store 60 minute bookings which will be followed up with a full written specification.


How do you approach a new brief, what's your checklist?
This can vary from client to client but I try to stick by the three N's -
These three core checkpoints allow us to establish exactly what our customer wants to achieve within the space and rule out and dislikes as early on in the journey as possible.


What are your favourite trends? 
I'm a sucker for Hygge - it embraces the cosy, comfortable feeling of home, in fact the word was literally built from the Old Norse word Hugr which later became Hug.
Although I love interior trends I don't think they always necessarily need to be followed to a tee. Ultimately they are there as inspiration but don't work for everyone, the clients wants & the type of property determines what will work within the space.


What trends are expected in 2020? 
The warmer neutrals are making a comeback in 2020. There's a big calling for creating warm and inviting spaces as opposed to the industrial feel. The greys will still be around but paired with blushes to soften the look.
Natural products are also looking pretty popular for next year, think natural woods, vegetable fibres and house plants. The botanical wall coverings are also sticking around.


Any tips for choosing the right colour? 
Establish exactly what you want to achieve from the space, what it's going to be used for & the way you want to feel when you're in it.
The orientation of the room also plays a big part so its great to establish if its N/W/S/E facing. Many premium paint companies use a scattered pigment structure which ultimately means the light is diffracted in different directions depending on the angle it hits at. This can change the tones given off quite dramatically.


Where do you get your inspiration? 
Everywhere. We're constantly on the lookout for new inspiration everywhere we go and can't resist snapping images that we think will be useful.
We also use interior magazines, online platforms and attend design roadshows/festivals up and down the country.


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