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When it comes to choosing the right paint colours, the choice can become overwhelming! Choosing colours that compliment each other and selecting the right accent colours to create drama, is a skill that interior designers and colour consultants spend years perfecting - but fear not! Little Greene has come to our rescue with their brand new 'Little Book of Colour' - featuring a huge range of related paint colours which compliment perfectly with the extensive selection of Little Greene's bespoke paints. The perfect, easy to follow guide for creating the perfect blend of colours and shades in your home.

Each page is dedicated to one paint colour and the complimentary colours are listed and explained for you.

Here is an example of one of our more popular colours - Slaked Lime 105 - and the breakdown of related colours

Little Greene Little Book of Colour - Slaked Lime


 Related whites -         Loft White 222       Slaked Lime 105     

Related Neutrals -      Slaked Lime - Mid 149     Slaked Lime - Deep 150                

Coordinating Colours -         Bone China Blue 107      Boxington 84                  

Contrasting Accent -            Carmine 189  

Related Dark Colour -         Scree 227      


And it's as easy as that to create the perfect colour balance in your home!

Grab your copy now at our website or click the link here. Or why not try the Slaked Lime complementary colours at home with Little Greene sample pots.


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