Tips for Decorating a Bedroom in Summertime


Your bedroom should be a space where you can recuperate and gather your thoughts. Giving it a new lease of life this summer is the perfect way to create a calming atmosphere. If you’re looking to give your room a summer refresh, these tips will help you to get started.

Picking the Right Colour

The most important decision when decorating your bedroom is how you intend to use the natural sunlight pouring in throughout the day. The colours that define the room will set the tone for everything else. Using light colours will make it look brighter and more spacious, whereas painting the walls in darker shades will deepen the space by absorbing any natural or artificial light.

Sanderson Grey Mist Active Emulsion

Light Colours

A neutral colour scheme is a great way to create a calming and fresh atmosphere in a bedroom. Ivory and stone tones are classic options however there is a trend for new neutrals including gorgeous soft greens and greys. A perfect grey neutral option is Sanderson Grey Mist or for the perfect green tone look at Zoffany’s Quarter Ice Floes.

Morris & Co Brer Rabbit and Strawberry Thief Wallpaper

Tips for styling:

A great way to style neutral tones is to mix them with raw and natural fabrics and materials like tonal linen throws, untreated wooden furniture and wicker storage keep patterns and colours simple as these textures will add enough interest into your room. You can even add texture to the walls by using embossed or flock wallpaper, there are some lovely neutral designs from Morris & Co, take a look at Brer Rabbit or Strawberry Thief. For a more glamorous look, use luxury fabrics like silk, velvet and high thread count crisp Egyptian cotton with mirrored furniture or copper accessories.

Dark Colours

Dark colours are hugely popular in other areas of our homes we are in love with dark blue kitchens and jewel-tone living rooms.  These colours will also look fantastic in your bedroom and there are some amazing options; a couple of our favourites are Zoffany’s Teal and Little Greene’s Hicks Blue. These dark shades will deepen the room by absorbing natural or artificial light to create an extremely cosy bedroom.

Tips for styling:

For period homes, cladding is a trending style and looks fantastic in these dark tones. Above is a beautiful example by Little Greene using their Scree grey paint. This look can be created fairly inexpensively as the panelling can be painted. You can use cheaper materials such as MDF or achieve the look totally fuss-free by using Little Greene’s Old Gloucester wallpaper. Keep bedding light and bright and even introduce high light colours such as Light Gold or Orange Aurora to keep it fresh and add a little fun. There are also some great dark floral wallpapers on the market, including Designers Guild Sunflower wallpaper; a gorgeous moody floral design which is perfect for a feature wall.

Black Out Blinds or Wooden Shutters

Keeping the room cool is paramount for maintaining a comfortable sleeping space during the warmer months. Heavy curtains may be great for blocking out the light, but they will also keep the heat in. Blackout blinds or window shutters will allow you to darken the space and keep the temperature down for a more comfortable rest.

Use Breathable Materials

Allowing the air to breeze through your bedroom is key to keeping the space cool. Thick duvets, rugs, and curtains can all have an insulative effect. Try linen, cotton or even silk for a more comfortable setting.

Add Some Greenery

A key trend this summer is adding flowers and greenery as interior decorators look to bring the outside into their home. Hanging baskets, vases of overflowing flowers and paint tin plant pots are all par for the course, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative just as Little Greene has shown us with the styling of their Asterid wallpaper.


As well as looking fantastic around the home, there are several health benefits to having plants in your bedroom. They will improve the quality of the air which will help you to sleep better and improve your general wellbeing.

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