A Guide to Interior Style

Turning a house into a home can be tricky. You might have preferences in accessories, furniture and wallpaper. Yet, interior experts may suggest other styles would better suit your property. This can make it difficult to know where to start.

Whether you’re decorating your new home or simply giving your house some TLC, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you find a style that expresses your taste and flatters your home's features.

Create impact in an period home with bright tropical wallpaper

Choose Your Colour Palette

Your colour choices should flatter the size and shape of a room, so deciding on a colour palette is the best place to start.

The style of your property can often guide which colours you use. Contemporary homes suit tend to suit modern and architectural combinations of monochrome and greys, while vintage-style homes suit more lavish shades. However, there’s no rule book, and experimenting with contrasting styles and varying shades can produce stunning results.

If your house is small, use lighter colours to create an airy, spacious illusion. For bigger spaces, try an eye-catching feature wall using striking wallpaper or bold paint.

Before you commit to a paint or paper, get some samples to make sure your chosen tones complement one another. At Chapel Interiors, we have a range of samples and our staff are happy to help you make the right choice.

Flooring That Flatters

If you’re doing a full renovation, choosing between wooden flooring, tiles or carpet is a big decision. Wooden flooring offers a versatile appearance which suits most interior styles and has the added benefit of easy upkeep. Opt for a darker finish for a demure look, or a lighter shade to complement an earthier style.

Carpet is trickier to look after, yet a plush pile can add a luxurious look to a room. If you have a busy household, choose a practical colour to keep it looking spotless. Can’t decide between wooden flooring or carpets? Get the best of both worlds with a large rug in your chosen colour and pattern.

Complementing Furniture

Your choice of wall paint or paper, flooring and furniture should work together to create your signature look. When it comes to picking furniture, consider the interior style you’re going for. For example, wooden chairs work well in an artisan-style kitchen.

Make a statement with vividly-coloured chairs and detailed tables, or use muted tones to create a timeless, understated style. Shapes and textures impact the overall look of a room. While a rustic wood bedframe is in-keeping with a shabby chic design, a smooth metal option is more minimalist.

Accessorise your windows and furnishings

Accessorise and Embellish

When making a house a home, accessories add the finishing touches that bring everything together. Framed photos, throws, cushions, rugs and floor lamps are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, while ornaments and plants fill out blank space in the room. Floating shelves are great for accessorising the walls, while helping to clear the clutter.

Dressing your window with carefully chosen curtains, blinds or drapes can help to frame it. Drapes and blinds allow the most light in, perfect for smaller rooms. Curtains are ideal for the bedroom, as they come in an endless range of patterns and fabrics. Best of all, if hung on a curtain pole, you can embellish them with decorative finials for standout style.

Invest in Quality

A home is something you invest time and money into, so you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Spending a little more on your wallpaper or paint, furniture, flooring, and accessories will be beneficial to you in both the short-run and long-run. From comfort to longevity, it pays off to consider quality.

Once you’ve made your house a home, you’ll want things to stay as they are. Plus, like most homeowners, you’ll want your guests to be ‘wowed’ by your home. You may find that investing more initially will mean you spend less on upkeep.

Take Pride in Your Home

Your home should be your haven. It’s where you spend most of your time and create happy memories with your family and friends. That’s why it’s important to get the most out of your home and add touches that make it yours.

Browse our range of designer wallpaper and paint today, and let us help you turn your house into a home.