Cole & Son

    Cole & Son are a legendary British brand famous for producing exquisite wallpapers since 1875. Cole & Son have created wallpaper designs which have furnished many stately homes, castles and theatres throughout Britain and overseas, which include wallpaper designs that were used in Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. After over a century, they continue to produce innovative and beautiful designs with no creative boundaries.
    The Icons collection shows off their most loved wallpaper designs, ranging from tropical palm leaves to stylish Flamingos. Including the trendy Woods wallpaper, which is that rare wallpaper that looks great in every style of home and every room.
    For really unique designs look at the Fornasetti Senza Tempo collection. A collection with the Italian design house Fornasetti, including dramatic grey clouds and vibrant citrus fruit.
    1005 products

    1005 products